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Embodying History through Dance

Inspired by the tales of former comfort women, this dance lesson guide offers a movement-based approach, sharing the emotional journey of war and imperialism. Created by dancer, Flora H. Kim, this lesson can be used in Art, perfect for grades 6-8.




6 +

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Lesson Overview

In this lesson students will learn the connections between body, war, and imperialism through improvisation. Students will get in touch with their own bodies by dancing to “Remembrance Rising” and reflecting as not only a performer, but also as an audience member.  This is part of the collaborative art-based lesson guide, Justice for Comfort Women!: War & Imperialism. Download the PDF to see the full lesson. 

This project was funded by San Francisco State University’s Comfort Women Research & Creative Scholarship.


  • War
  • Imperialism
  • Oppression

About Collaborator

Flora Hyoin Kim (dance – Boston) is a Korean-American choreographer, performer, and dance educator who earned her B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014. Flora is a found- ing member of GrinNare, a performing arts group of music and dance in Boston and premiered her 3 new solos at the Her Life as a ‘Comfort Woman’ Concert in January 2020 to support ‘com- fort women’ victims and human rights. As a choreographer Flora has presented her works at var- ious venues including Harvard Kennedy School, Boston Contemporary Dance Festival, Onstage Dance Company Choreographer Residency Showcase, First Church in Cambridge, Korean Church of Boston, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Lotte Cinema World Towel in Seoul, Korea. Flora has performed and presented works by prestigious companies and choreographers including Prometheus Dance, Deborah Abel Dance Company, Korhan Basaran, Riley Watts, Hol- lis Bartlett, Nattie Trogdon, Jennifer Lin, Lorraine Chapman The Company, and Urbanity Dance.

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