Our Origin Story

What started out as a new year resolution in 2016 transformed into a journey to spark discussion with families, friends, and classrooms. Formerly known as This Asian American Life, our goal of REALSOUL is to share and explore moments and movements of solidarity and intersectionality from the perspective of Asian America. With lesson plans and ready-made visuals, we invite educators to incorporate these histories into their classrooms so that every month is inclusive.

Inspired by the multi-disciplinary project, REAL SOUL: Black and Asian Unity, by Amanda Kemp, Michael T. Jamis, Leon Sun, and Francis Wong,

we strongly believe that it is only through reflection and understanding of the past that we can move forward to the present and future.

We’re excited to kick this new milestone off and thank you for joining us!

Meet Katie

Hi everyone! My name's Katie. I was born and raised on Ramaytush Ohlone land, also known as San Francisco, as a third generation Chinese American.

Raised by parents who were heavily involved in non-profit organizations while my aunts and grandparents were in the arts, it wasn’t too much a surprise when social justice and storytelling came knocking at my door! I was fourteen years old when I began to explore my own family's journey. It took over a decade of asking and learning about these stories that further complicated what was taught in the classroom. Today, I teach Asian American Studies in San Francisco. Through my work, I hope to share this journey forward to those with curious minds and open hearts.

For the past few years, I’ve been heavily involved in local San Francisco organizations like the Asian American Women Artists Association, Square and Circle Club, and Good Medicine Film Productions. In my free time, you can find me drawing, bouldering, or swatting gnats away from my indoor garden.