Youth In Power Program

Our Youth in Power program to help high school students learn how to best utilize their voices to the fullest potential. Our curriculum encourages participants to use creativity to make impactful change while promoting collaboration and positivity.

Promote action + advocacy

Our future relies heavily on our ability to create change. Our curriculum aims to empower youth to act and advocate for others.

Invite creativity + collaboration

Projects given are aimed to encourage innovation through various mediums.

Introduce Asian American history

Participants will learn about Asian American history through various lectures, guest speakers, and films.

2021: Activating Change through

Social Media & Content Creation

In an age where social media is used consistently to build brand awareness and engagement, REALSOUL strives to teach young artivists how to utilize their voices to the fullest potential on these platforms. Our curriculum empowers participants to utilize innovative solutions to create impactful change.






Reyna Mylene Leng Leng Daudian, Public Health Nurse

Niko Lee, Founder of Asian & LGBTQ+

Philip Nguyen, Executive Director of Vietnamese American Roundtable

Elizabeth Su, Founder of Monday Vibes

Aviva’s Story

Decolonization: A Reflection

A Story of Intersection

Work Samples

Burnout and Perfectionism in WOC

Ethnic Studies & Identity Crisis

History of Asian Masculinity