The OurStory Series

American history is multi-layered, multi-faceted, and just so darn complicated. REALSOUL’s OurStory Series uses an Asian American perspective to talk about these complexities surrounding communities of color. Our posters and lesson guides include themes of exclusion, resistance, and more. Our goal is to not give all the answers. Rather, we encourage students to discuss and question the society they’ve been handed while imagining the one they truly desire.

** NOTICE: Our settings have just changed and not all lesson plans may be readily available. If this is the case for you and you have purchased a poster, please do contact us and we will send it to you right away. Thank you for your cooperation!

Poster Guidelines

Want to use the posters, but not sure where to get started? Our “how-to” will help you navigate the way these posters are laid out and how you may be able to apply them to your own classroom setting!

Key Terms & Resource Library

Looking for a particular definition that is mentioned in our posters? Check out our library and see how they are being used within the provided lesson guides!

Our Lesson Guides

In Unity, There’s Survival

Key Terms: Food Justice, Black Panthers, Delano Grape Strike, 10 Point Program, Food Production, Human Rights

A Love Letter

Key Terms: Refugee, Vietnam War, Intergenerational Trauma, Resistance, Boat People, Mental Health

Time is Always Right

Key Terms: Reparations, Allyship, Model Minority Myth, Japanese American Incarceration, Jim Crow Laws

Serve the People

Key Terms: Identity formation, Vietnam War, Systematic racism, The Redress Movement, Hart-Cellar Act, Solidarity

Even If It Build of Jade

Key Terms: American Dream, Chinese Exclusion Act, Angel Island, Detention center


Key Terms: TBA