The OurStory Series

American history is multi-layered, multi-faceted, and just so darn complicated. REALSOUL’s OurStory Series uses an Asian American perspective to talk about these complexities surrounding communities of color. Our posters and lesson guides include themes of exclusion, resistance, and more.
Our goal is to not give all the answers. Rather, we encourage students to discuss and question the society they’ve been handed while imagining the one they truly desire.

Our Lesson Guides

In Unity, There’s Survival

Key Terms: Food Justice, Black Panthers, Delano Grape Strike, 10 Point Program, Food Production, Human Rights

Serve the People

Key Terms: Identity formation, Vietnam War, Systematic racism, The Redress Movement, Hart-Cellar Act, Solidarity

Time is Always Right

Key Terms: Reparations, Allyship, Model Minority Myth, Japanese American Incarceration, Jim Crow Laws

A Love Letter

Key Terms: Refugee, Vietnam War, Intergenerational Trauma, Resistance, Boat People, Mental Health


Key Terms: TBA


Key Terms: TBA

Suggest a Topic!

We are always on the lookout for themes and topics about communities of color that are needed in classrooms. Whether it’s a moment in history or a rumor you heard about a monument in your hometown, we want to know! Drop us a line and we’ll get to searchin’!