Youth In Power Program

Our Youth in Power program to help high school students learn how to best utilize their voices to the fullest potential. Our curriculum encourages participants to use creativity to make impactful change while promoting collaboration and positivity.

Promote action + advocacy

Our future relies heavily on our ability to create change. Our curriculum aims to empower youth to act and advocate for others.

Invite creativity + collaboration

Projects given are aimed to encourage innovation through various mediums.

Introduce Asian American history

Participants will learn about Asian American history through various lectures, guest speakers, and films.

2023: Exploring Identity and Place

through Art & Storytelling

This year's curriculum brings it back to the basics. Inspired by each intern's interested,
REALSOUL asks what the relationship is between self and plac.e
Emma S.

I'm Emma (she/they). I'm a second generation Chinese American 🇨🇳🇺🇸 high school student from the Tri-State area!

I'm passionate about many types of art (painting, illustration, poetry), chemistry, and Asian American history. As a kid, I was first taught to draw by my grandparents. During the pandemic, I was inspired to start creating again. Though originally just a way to pass the extra time, art has allowed me to connect with many new people and new experiences over the last few years. Currently, one of my goals is to use my work to explore the intersections of my identity and culture!

As an intern at REALSOUL, I'm excited to learn more about my identity through interacting with other Chinese American and BIPOC stories. As I’ve grown older, I’ve felt increasingly disconnected with my heritage. Learning about Asian American and BIPOC stories, and using art as an avenue of change, is a way I hope to rediscover my culture. A school art assignment was actually the first time I thought to incorporate my Chinese culture in my artwork. Taking my first dive into that history was both exciting and enlightening, and gave context to so many of my own experiences. I figured my art would be a great way to not only learn more myself, but to connect to those with similar experiences as me. I hope I can use social media and illustration to share my own experiences in a meaningful way, and to uplift the voices of others in my community.

Abby C.

Hi, my name is Abby. I’m a third generation Korean American from California! My favorite things include musicals, pirates, and vintage jazz.

I absolutely love everything related to Asian American Studies, particularly anything history related pre-1945. I’ve always felt a sort of disconnect between myself and the mainstream narrative of what it means to be Asian American. Being able to do my own research into the topic has really allowed me to understand the distinctiveness of the Asian (American) diasporic culture and the importance of solidarity. I’m most interested in studying the historical context behind the pan-Asian American identity and how I can define myself within it 🙂

At REALSOUL, I’m looking forward to being a part of curriculum development, since education is also one of my interests. As a student amidst the ongoing ethnic studies debate, it seems especially pertinent (and relevant) to be active in that sphere. I never really grew up learning about Asian American experiences in school, so I’m always a fan of highlighting the typically marginalized voices in history

2021: Activating Change through

Social Media & Content Creation

In an age where social media is used consistently to build brand awareness and engagement, REALSOUL strives to teach young artivists how to utilize their voices to the fullest potential on these platforms. Our curriculum empowers participants to utilize innovative solutions to create impactful change.






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